This is Mikey

Mikey was born with Cerebral Palsy and a backwards heart.  Doctors told his family that he would never be able to walk and would not live past the age of three.  This picture is of Mikey proving how strong he really was.

Mikey was passionate about sports and did not let his disabilities hold him back.  Even though there were no intramural programs for him, he played backyard sports with his brothers and their friends.  Those games became some of the best, and most enduring memories for both Mikey and his family.

Mikey passed in 2008, and it is in honor of his legacy to his family that we have created Mikey’s League with a mission to create lasting memories and share Mikey’s love of sport.  We will establish an empowering, fun atmosphere with strong values.

We strive to show that we can always triumph when we are together.

We are committed to bring forth amazing sportsmanship, fundamentals and a great time to
every sport we do.

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