Mikey’s League and the One Step Coyotes have teamed  up to create an inclusive adult league ice hockey team.  This new team welcomes athletes on the autism spectrum to the team and competes alongside typical (non-disabled) peers to play in the D-League at AZ Ice Peoria.  Where once athletes watched from the stands, they can now participate alongside their community peers.

“On the ice we all face similar challenges of falling down and getting back up and keep going to achieve goals. The Top Shotts innovatively supports a community which not only faces their challenges – they embrace them in a way which transforms lives”
Jennifer O'Brien
American Special Hockey Association

Get Involved!

While our roster is full for the 2023 season, we are always looking for skaters who would want to be involved as substitutes or to practice with us.

Hockey is an expensive sport to participate in.  We currently have sponsorship opportunities available to support our mission and the players on the team.

You Can:

  • Compete with us on Monday nights at AZ Ice Arcadia
  • Support with a donation to help pay for ice times and league fees
  • Sponsor the team or a player

Contact Us:


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Hockey Players in Business

The toughest, fastest-growing business network in the world created exclusively for those who have played the toughest, fastest sport in the world. Welcome to Hockey Players in Business (HPIB)—an international, not-for-profit network designed to help former and current hockey players build their business networks, continue their professional development, and most importantly, give back to the sport that has helped shape us all. To learn more about why every hockey player should join this network, skate over to this page. (And then maybe take a knee.)

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One Step Beyond

OSBI provides dynamic programs and services to individuals who have intellectual disabilities and their families so they may achieve their goals and become fully participating members of our communities.

Their Vision is a world in which people who have intellectual disabilities are fully included in all areas of our community and are recognized for their potential, their talents, and their contributions to society.

American Special Hockey Association

The American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities through the sport of hockey.

The American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) provides an environment of learning, mutual respect and a sense of community to thousands of athletes and families across North America.