Mikey's League Stuck At Home Workout

Join us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9am Arizona time for a free, online workout session hosted by Mikey’s League.   The workout follows CDC recommendations for physical activity.

  • Sessions last approximately 40 minutes
  • Appropriate for all ages and ability levels.  Friends, family, and caretakers are also invited to participate.
  • Coach Karl will present a series of 6 excercises (including modifications as needed to meet the needs of the the participants).  This cycle will be repeated 3 times.
  • Mondays, and Wednesdays are a more traditional workout.  Fridays focus more on mindfulness and stretching.



Please e-mail Karl@Mikeysleague.org for an invitation to the Zoom meeting.

If you are unable to attend online, below you will find a workout routine that you can follow along with us.