Adapted Unified Flag Football

Our flagship program, designed for children with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities to play together.  The aim of this program is to replicate the experience of playing a backyard game with your family and is not meant to be competitive.  Parents, siblings, and friends will be encouraged to participate with their athlete to create a full family experience with the emphasis on celebrating the athlete.  Loose rules will be in place but in the spirit of “if it’s close to a first down, it’s a first down.” 

We hope to launch our first full season in October 2019, with registration opening in September.


Co-Ed.  Indoors.  Teams of athletes with and without disabilities, focusing on giving everyone the opportunity to experience success.  We use the buddy method when appropriate to help guide the athletes.  That buddy can be a parent, sibling, friend or a unified partner.  

This program is designed to teach players the fundamentals of the game and how to work as a team.  Rules will be adapted as needed to accommodate the strengths and limitations of the children on each team and will be fluid.

For now we are focusing on children in the 8-16 range but hope to expand in the future.  If you have concerns about your child’s ability to participate, or if you feel like your child would be a good fit but doesn’t meet the age range as described, please let us know.  Our goal is to adapt play to allow any athlete to participate in a meaningful way.

Location is to be determined, but will likely be in the East Valley (Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler area).

Rules and registration information will be posted when available.

Get Informed

Be notified when registration opens, or contact us for more information

Get Informed

Be notified when registration opens, or contact us for more information

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